You have probably heard the term “customer-centric approach” to marketing – sounds good doesn’t it? It simply means putting the customer at the heart of the approach you take in marketing your business. This may sound obvious – putting the customer’s needs at the centre of your business – but it is not something that is always to easy to know how to do.

It is something all businesses should take the time to think about – how can we make it easier for our customers to get our product or service?

What does the customer want? Where do they want it? And when do they want it? Try thinking about these three things and if you are struggling, book a call with me to see if I can help you!

  1. Give something they actually WANT.
    Often businesses want to give away something to drive loyalty or attract new customers. This is a great idea but make sure it is something that they will genuinely want, not just whatever you happen to have knocking about in the back of the cupboard. Think about a free gift with a purchase, free trial of your service, or using rewards to drive loyalty amongst your engaged customers – but make it count!
  2. Meet their needs right NOW
    When you were setting up your business, did you spend time researching your customers – what is their need? What is the problem that you can fix for them? What is the one thing that you can help them with right now?
    Don’t be too generic – give an example of something more specific that you can do for them. This might be the exact service that your future client is looking for now and you have nailed it.
  3. Ensure you deliver the service at the right time – when the customer wants it.
    In this day and age we are seeing this more and more – think about the success of Amazon – you can buy what you want, when you want to and get it asap! Technology has made many things possible now that were not, not so long ago – when the last time you bought a CD for example? Now we just play Spotify!

Do you think about these three things when thinking about your customer? Is the customer at the heart of your business? If not, perhaps its time to change the way you work abit… and give me a shout it you need a hand or another person to bounce ideas off. Lets make 2020 our year!