Social media is a vital part of any business’ sales and marketing strategy. But not everyone knows how to use it to get results. Working on social media is time consuming, especially when you’ve got a business to run.

Do you need to be on social media? Will it bring a return? How can you make sure you reach the right people in the right way? Is social media right for every small business?

There are so many questions to consider. In most cases a social media presence is useful and, in some cases, essential. Social media helps you to:

  • Engage with new customers
  • Keep in touch with current and past customers
  • Provide exceptional customer experience
  • Offer valuable content to your social audience
  • Drive instant feedback and communication with your audience
  • Position your business as an expert or influencer
  • Drive up SEO and online ranking
  • Create a strong branded online presence

So how do you choose someone to work with?

Choosing the right provider is crucial to success, before you take the plunge, spend some time identifying your exact requirements and finding someone who can meet them.

Do you just want posts put out there to simply keep your business pages active?

Or do you want to proactively grow and manage your accounts?

A good marketing or social media manager will work with you to understand your requirements and assist you in the planning process. They will talk and listen to you, as well as make recommendations.

Success will not happen overnight. As with any marketing campaign, success takes time. Social media is one element of the marketing mix and it needs to work with your other marketing activities to enhance and support your messaging.

Most small businesses need some kind of marketing help but don’t have the budget or need for an expensive consultant or agency. Jump To aims to bridge that gap – offering clients flexible, affordable marketing consultancy and advice and hands on help as and when they need it.

If you would like to discuss your marketing needs, please get in touch!